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Excellently done

I love a good TF2 clip, and you have hit spot on one of the reasons I don't play Heavy that often >.> I'm more of a Scout myself to be honest, and that IS what it feels like. On another note, poor Spy...

Excellent animation and flow, looking forward to more shorts if possible.


I love the animation style, it's a bit jerky in the way that it moves between low detail and high detail, but it's pretty consistent and makes a very unique look. I would love to see more work done in this style, possibly other re-imaginings? Even if not, I'd like to see other takes on the Mario world. I like the music as well, it fits pretty well, and I don't mind the lack of sound effects, the visuals do an excellent job of communicating what's going on.

Good luck with future Flash projects!

Very excellent

Gonna miss the Auditor, but I foresee much madness ensuing with Tricky.

Top notch work as always with the violence!

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I'm a fan of the original, and this only improved upon it in every possible manner! The siege levels are fun, and especially challenging on the harder difficulties. The upgrade system is nice and consistent throughout the game, and the graphics and sounds are amazing!

Bit by bit

Very good recreation. I love the general theme of Tricky being the continuous boss of Consternation. Overall, gotta love it.

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A quality piece in my opinion. It maintains the original feel of the actual track, but you've given it a personal spin that makes it feel like something new. Got transported back in time after hearing this one to be honest. Good memories, glad to revisit them. Thank you very much for that.

Music to my ears

A remix of the remix I was looking for, and done very well mind you. Very excellent blend of instruments and I like how you kept to the original remix but still added that nice extra (especially towards the end), downloading it now...

Well, I must say.

I was looking for a completely different remix and I found something just as delicious. Excellent usage of instruments, it's complex but not so much that things blend together. I like how you kept the percussion strong throughout and let the melody come and go in its strength. Very faithful to the original.

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